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Since “everything flows", as it was perceived by Heraclitus, man is unable to wield knowledge, since everything from the time of its conception, are constantly changing. From the position of our solar system in space to the very molecules of our brain, we have entirely different facts from the initial ones.

This is the philosophical principle of natural farming, which, by unfolding it, we will acknowledge that the only capable bearer of knowledge is the ever-changing nature.
Based on all these, the role of man in the farming field is simply to give nature the opportunity to develop its action across its whole spectrum. For this reason, we practice the seedball technique of Masanobu Fukuoka, through which we produce and store the seedballs in summer and sow them in autumn right before the rains, using hand-seeding randomly in the field space. Then, we just cut the previously existing grass, without collecting it, and wait for the rain to bring about its miracle.

The seedballs are made of sieved clay, seeds, organic matter and water. We begin by kneading the earthen dough and, little by little, separating it from the initial mass, we shape seedballs. Then, we lay them under the sun to dry out well, we store them in sacks and keep them in a dry and shady place, waiting patiently for the period of autumn rains.

From legumes, alfalfa and cereal to trees, flowers and vegetables, the seeds in our seedballs will be the protagonists of a lush change, where this exponential growth of the variety of new plants will bring about the parallel increase in the variety of animals in the area.

From this time and on, things will develop on their own. The natural tendency of the antagonistic co-existence of living beings will pave the way for the development of favorable conditions for the evolution of a stable, healthy and productive natural habitat, where in its microclimate which will be created, in there shall rise the opportunity to produce high-quality farming goods, without the need of human intervention.

Trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants, ivies, ground and underground plants, vegetables, herbs, flowers, mushrooms, beekeeping, ornamental and forest plants, ponds, rocks, rotten trunks, birds, insects, lizards, small mammals, beetles, worms and a multitude of other organisms, will contribute to the conservation of a balanced and rich habitat, which will become ever more fertile with each year, to new visitors and permanent inhabitants!

The purpose of this webpage is the creation of a solidarity network of natural farms in Greece and Europe, which will be inspired by the ideas of self-reliance, self-organization and freedom and will promote the principles of agroecology, healthy living, the decentralization of urban centers, the natural beautification of cities and the peaceful abidance of human beings on the planet.

For the operation and course of this network, open online assemblies will be designated where, in line with the principles of equality and direct democracy, will give a blend of ideas constantly changing towards a reality that flows.
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