Introductory note

Introductory Νote

This site is not intended simply to give information about the philosophy and practice of natural farming, an agricultural method and at the same time a spiritual path, inspired by Masanobu Fukuoka, philosopher, poet and farmer. It's purpose is not to declare a new Guru, or a new religion, something to lean on for the people who seek to depend on others.

Our opinion is that we do not need Gurus, masters or spiritual leaders; each one of us can know the truth, that is reality as it is, the fact as it is every moment; each one of us can understand himself, is able to know himself

We do not believe that we are in need of saviors; our point of view is that the common human being is the salt of the earth. We are the world and the world is us. If we change society will also change.

The trips in Spain and Argentina have made us once more aware of the rapid advance of the deserts, the great destruction of nature in the name of empty words like "progress" and "development". Nevertheless, desertification is not limited to nature; it has also affected human hearts. We lost joy in our life; understanding, forgiveness, love are absent, human relations become more and more problematic, human beings cannot communicate, cannot work together.

In these critical times not only for nature but for humanity as well, we have to act as soon as possible. It is imperative that our action should spring forth from the understanding of the problem, otherwise it will be a simply spasmodic reaction. The destruction of nature will signal the end of human civiliazation.

As Fukuoka says the real truth, the real beauty and the real good exist only in nature and not in faked human civiliazation. We are in need of a new human culture, we could call it natural culture in which man will have as his main aim to serve nature and to build harmonious relations with his fellowmen and with the other living beings.

Together with volunteers from all over the world, we work on establishing natural farms in Greece and abroad, vegetable gardens for self-suficiency and on revegetating the deserts and the barren mountains. The answer to the problem of the global economical crisis is in our opinion self-suficiency not only on food or health level but on mind level as well.

We will be very glad to share these activities with other people who are willing to act independently of frontiers, tribes, nations, religions because All is One and One is All. Let's become sowers of the seeds in order to change this planet into a new garden of Eden. We owe this to our children and grandchildren, to the future generations.

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